Hello! We’re the new kid on the block, so we understand we have some things to prove! Because I am confident that we will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them, I invite you to try us for free. We will meet with you and your child to provide a free academic assessment of their strengths and decide where they could use a little help. From there we will provide you with a personalized learning plan that we can implement immediately. We will then schedule two free thirty-minute learning sessions with one of our amazing teachers. If, after your free two-session trial, you would like to continue learning with us, we would love to have you! There are no contracts to sign here (ever!) and payment arrangements are always flexible. My name is Sophia, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!



Children need academic support outside of school for many reasons. At Learning Curve we treat each student as the unique learner they are by providing them with an individualized education from day one! We offer support for students that just need a little extra boost to students that are struggling with more than one subject. Please see our full menu of student services here. State certified teachers provide one-on-one instruction in your home or at another appropriate site. Weekly progress reports are provided so that parents/guardians are always in the loop.


By providing instruction that really works, we don’t waste your time or your money! Our curriculum is developed by experienced, certified teachers for students of all ages and abilities. We begin with the end in mind. We target immediate concerns and then work hard to eliminate any roadblocks to learning. 

  • Evaluation

    Students are evaluated so that we can determine what they already know and what they struggle with.

  • Plan

    We develop a comprehensive, time-sensitive, personalized learning plan that is unique to your child.

  • Instruction

    We pair your child with a certified teacher and the fun begins!

  • Assessment

    After each session, we assess to determine if any adjustments need to be made.


Tutoring has many benefits…

  • Improved grades
  • Improved academic confidence
  • Improved organizational skills and study habits
  • Highly personalized learning experiences
  • Distraction free learning
  • More targeted practice opportunities
  • Prevents the dreaded “summer slide”
  • Challenges for gifted students


  • Individual Tutoring
    $30 / Session
    • One-to-One Instruction
    • In Your Home (or Other Location)
    • Online Instruction
    • LC Campus (Coming Soon!)
  • Small Group Instruction
    $15 / Session
    • 2-5 Students
    • Client Location
    • Online Instruction
    • LC Campus (Coming Soon!)
  • Large Group Instruction
    $10 / Session
    • 5-10 Students
    • Client Location
    • Online Instruction
    • LC Campus (Coming Soon!)

*all tutoring sessions are 45 minutes long


We offer a wide range of courses from subjects including Math, Science, English, Business, Social Studies, AP Support and Test Prep!


Why choose Learning Curve? We have many advantages over the big-box tutoring franchises:

1. Our pricing! We are priced well below private and franchise tutors because we are new and we understand that we must prove ourselves, and what better way to do that than to offer a no-strings-attached opportunity for you to get to know us?

2. There are no contracts to sign. We want you to learn with us because this is where you want to learn, not because you’re forced to by a contract.

3. We provide a time-sensitive learning plan outlining the instructional framework with predetermined milestones, so that parents and students know what is expected of both student and instructor at all points during plan execution. We are constantly evaluating your child’s learning plan so that no opportunity for success is missed!

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